Works of Mercy

St. Pius V Young Adult Works of Mercy

  • Feed the Hungry
  • Give Drink to the Thirsty
  • Clothe the Naked
  • Shelter the Homeless
  • Comfort the Imprisoned
  • Visit the Sick
  • Bury the Dead 

 What We Do and Who We Serve


We are a group of young adults who meet to fulfill a Work of Mercy several times a month as taught by the Lord our God.  We look to serve His Children in need through our very own hands and feet. 

"Be merciful even as your Father is merciful" Lk 6:36. 

Emmanuel House
During the winter season, when open during the day, a group of five or so young adults minister to the homeless at the Emmanuel House following the 10:00 a.m. morning mass at St. Pius V.

St. Pius/St. Augustine Combined Youth Ministry
We have a team of young adults who volunteer with the youth several times a month.

Elmhurst Extended Care
The second Sunday of every month, a group of young adults pray the rosary with the residents and visit the elderly. 2pm Rosary, 2:30-4pm Visit with the residents, 4:00 together we close in prayer.

A Catholic organization run by volunteers who meet every Friday at four locations to hand out clothing and hot food donations to the homeless populations of RI.  A group of young adults from the St. Pius V Young Adult Group participate in this wonderful work of mercy.


Serving through Prayer and Spiritual Works of Mercy 

Admonish Sinners

Correction is sometimes hard to give; it means standing up for Christ at work, in school, with friends or even within the home, regarding politics or morality, but when done in the Love of Christ, it can be very gentle and loving.  However, when necessary, justice can render truth in a confident and straight-forward way.  Let God always lead you.


Instruct the Uninformed

Whether teaching CCD, informing curious co-workers, or telling friends about Christ's teachings, even if just witnessing silently while others observe you living the Gospel, you will leave a thought-provoking seed!

Counsel the Doubtful

Doubts about one's faith, divorce, and death can all lead to Christ instilling hope in one's heart.  Allow Him to use your tongue to speak words of wisdom and hope in one of His children's souls through you. 



Bear Wrongs Patiently

When someone admonishes you, cuts you off in line, or annoys at work or home, bear all of it with the Silent Lamb who, while being handed over to Pilate, was patient and returned Good for Evil. Christ is not telling us to be doormats, but rather to honor ourselves and others by not feeding into the evil, which is prompted by such. Love Holy Humility, and be submissive always to lawful superiors, but firstly to God Himself.  There, you will honor yourself and others and grow in humility by learning from your faults, which needed firstly to be pointed out.  If we do not embrace our falls, we will not know what it is to need God.


Forgive Offenses

"Forgive as your Father forgives you" Matthew 6:14. Nasty words, cheating, and emotional wounds are harder to forgive than physical ones.  However, dwelling on a wrong only increases its size - breeding hatred.  Sufferings are inevitable, "Pick up your cross daily and follow me." Lk 9:23. It can be a cause for gaining endurance, increasing habitual patience, and growing in virtue.  Always return Good for Evil - for armed in Love you are clothed in victory!

Pray for the Living and the Dead

Above ALL ELSE is continuous prayer. Praying for virtue, for patience, for all that is wanting in us; nothing can be done successfully without prayer.  Everywhere and in everything- pray. Praying means speaking to Christ, casually or formally, whether in offering sacrifices, or thanksgiving, petition, or silently from the heart.  Enjoy Him who is our daily food and prayer is our nourishment, and let the Holy Spirit lead you in prayer.