Contact Information

From I-95 South

1.  Exit 23 for Charles Street.
2.  Turn right onto Charles Street and drive for    
     about 0.3 miles.
3.  Turn left onto Admiral Street and drive for 0.7
4.  Turn left onto Douglas Ave/Rte 7 and drive for
     0.4 miles.
5.  Turn right onto Eaton Street and drive for 0.5
     miles.  Church will be on your left between
     Roslyn Ave and Elmhurst Ave.

From I-95 North

1.  Exit 23 for US-44/State Offices (NOT Rt 146).
2.  Turn right onto Orms Street and drive for 0.4
3.  Take a slight right onto Smith Ave/Rte 44 West
     and drive for 0.9 miles.
4.  Turn right onto Elmhurst Ave, church will be
     on your right.


 Please support the group! 

St. Pius V Young Adults has come a long way in four years. What began as an idea became a small group – a group that evolved in to the state's largest Catholic young-adult community, with over one hundred active members.

The graces we have received from the Sacraments under the guidance of the Dominican Friars have been responsible for the success and growth of our beloved community. We are humbly grateful to God for how He has blessed and worked through our young adult community. And now we want to ensure that future young adults will be able to experience the same friendship, education, and love of Christ. 

The motto of SPVYA is “Fides, Ratio, Caritas” (Faith, Reason, Love) because we meet weekly for Adoration and Reconciliation (Faith), group discussion or a guest speaker (Reason), and fellowship and works of mercy (Love). It is our mission, through this apostolate, to strengthen the Catholic Church and lead all souls we encounter to Jesus Christ.

Please help us in this mission by becoming a monthly contributor to SPVYA. We don't need much funding to meet our needs, but having a consistent monthly stream of support would be enormously helpful. 

Your contributions will help with:

Guest Speakers

It's very important that we continue to schedule knowledgeable speakers who often need to be compensated for their time and travel. 

Works of Mercy

 An essential aspect of what SPVYA does is to identify those in need, and then help them through financial support and other means of assistance.

Collateral Materials

Often times we need to promote specific events or the group in general, and are therefore in need of a small marketing budget.

Please consider making a monthly donation of $5, $10, $15, or $20 to SPVYA so that young adults will be able to benefit from our apostolate for many years to come. (See the next page.)

Directions for giving to St. Pius V Young Adults:

1. Go to: 

2. Click on "Individuals"

3. In the Enroll Today box: type "RI487" and click "Enroll Now"

4. Fill out the form and click "Continue"

5. Review your information and press "Continue"

6. Review your Account Information and press "Continue"

7. Find the box that says, "St. Pius Young Adults (Monthly)"
- or "St. Pius Young Adults (One-Time)" if you wish to give a one-time gift

8. Enter the dollar amount that you are willing to give

9. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page:

- select your Payment Type
- fill in your payment information
- check the box: "Check Here to agree to the above Payment Condition"
- click "Continue"

10. Confirm payment